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The book talks about suicide and has two versions - one with a positive perspective and one with a negative perspective. Nothing is permanent, just like our obstacles, losses and difficulties. Thus the solutions are also varied.“The Secret of Box 2 - Concave and Convex” shows that, regardless of pain, there is always hope and how important communication is when someone is suffering periods of great distress. Suicide is a kind of obsession that takes over the person’s soul until it reaches an unbearable point. It is as if “invisible enemies” were invading the thoughts of those who intend to kill themselves. This desire takes shape and strengthens until the act, previously unthinkable, takes place. However, the suicidal person does not want to end his life. He wants to end the pain that suffocates him inside. The book also reports the appearance of a new woman, who has evolved into a mature human being, sure of herself, and deals with subjects such as spirituality and forgiveness. I invite the reader to get involved in the mysteries of the two versions, because in life it is exactly like this: There will always be two, or more, alternatives for a single story on a single life!

The Secret Box: Concave & Convex

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