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Former Longford resident pens new self-help book

‘Nothing is permanent, just like our obstacles, losses and difficulties’.

The words espoused this week by gifted author Michelle Hadad as the former Longford resident and lifestyle coach launches her new book ‘The Secret Box II: Concave & Convex’.

The finished product is arguably one of the most uniquely compiled publications to hit the shelves in recent times, featuring two contrasting narratives that deal with suicide.

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The secret is in the book!

Brazilian native Michelle Hadad, who moved to Ireland 14 years ago has written 'The Secret Box: Concave and Convex', a 432 page book which addresses the issues of suicide and develops into two different narratives.

It is also a follow up to her previous work 'The Secret Box...Finding the Key', a 192 page paperback launched by Michael Healy-Rae TD and reviewed by now retired judge James O'Connor, in October 2017.

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Michelle’s own experiences lead to self-help sequel

A Killarney resident is celebrating the second release in her series of self-help books. Brazilian-born lifestyle coach Michelle Hadad wrote ‘The Secret Box II – Concave and Convex’ as a way for people to open discussions around dealing with suicidal tendencies “It deals more with the difficulties people have in communicating those feelings, I understand how difficult it is to communicate and open up about them,” Michelle explained.

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My Ireland experience

Ralph Peter receives in this program Michele Hadad who tells us about her experience in Ireland that made her write the book "The Secret of the Box".

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