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Michelle Hadad

I have always been intrigued by cultural differences, and this search for understanding human behaviour and all its complexities has taken me through various paths in my life so far.

Today, I believe that I can be defined as a multi-tasking woman.  But most of all I'm  passionate about living life to the full.

As a writer, I discovered my vocation in the humanities area: to help people and companies to overcome their difficulties, their traumas, heal their wounds and move forward to become stronger.

My books The Secret Box: Finding the Key and The Secret Box: Concave & Convex are evidence of the knowledge I gained on my journey and  supported in my practices by serving my clients.

I prepared myself for this mission, seeking the necessary qualifications and certifications, such as: Life & Business Coach, NLP Practitioner, Diploma in Adult Psychology, Suicide Intervention Skills Certificate, QQI Level 4 - Personal Effectiveness,  QQI Level 5 - Applied Social Studies with Psychology. 

Throughout my life's journey I had to seriously apply myself to get where I am today. To learn what I've learned and to help those I've helped. 

However, I can see that all those efforts were worthwhile.  I am happy doing work that I love and I'm always willing to learn more and thus reap the rewards of my efforts.

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